By the Numbers

Total Number of Accused 496
Number of Men 488
Number of Women (See All) 8
Allegedly Victimized Female(s) (See All) 417
Allegedly Victimized Male(s) (See All) 62

Candidates & Elected Officals - By Political Party

Democrat (See All) 61
Republican (See All) 60
Likud (See All) 3
French Socialist (See All) 2
Canadian Liberal (See All) 2
British Labour (See All) 1
Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor (See All) 1
British Conservative Party (See All) 1
Australian Liberal (See All) 1
The Jewish Home (See All) 1
National Religious Party (See All) 1
Scottish National Party (See All) 1
French Green Party (See All) 1
Norwegian Labour (See All) 1
FSLN (See All) 1
Britain First (See All) 1
ANC (African National Congress) (See All) 1
Austrian Green (See All) 1