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New Mexico State Congressman

Sexual Harassment

Texas State Senator

Sexual harassment

Businessman, Political Candidate

Groping, forced kissing

Member, Greenwich Connecticut Representative Town Meeting

Pinched a woman's genitals

US Supreme Court Justice

Sexual Harassment

Developer, Political Operator

Attempted Rape

Ohio State Senator

Sexual Harassment

Member of Parliament


Canadian Senator

Sexual Harassment

Political Operative

Slapping a woman’s buttocks

California State Assemblywoman

Sexual harassment, groping

US Congressman

Sexual relationship with underage Congressional page

Kentucky State Representative

Sexual Assault of a 17-year-old, Sexual Harassment

Oklahoma State Congressman

Sexual Harassment

Minnesota State Senator

Sexual harassment

South Dakota State Representative

Groping an Intern

US Senator

Rape, sexual harassment

President of Nicaragua

Sexual abuse of his 11-year-old stepdaughter

California State Assemblyman

Sexual Harassment

Missouri State Congressman

Sexual harassment

Governor of Oregon, US Senator, President of the University of Oklahoma

Sexual harassment

Tennessee State Representative

Sexual misconduct with teenage girls

Candidate for St. Paul, MN City Council

Revenge Porn

Georgia State Senator

Sexual harassment

US Congressman

Multiple allegations of sexual assault

Pennsylvania State Senator

Sexual Harassment

Alaska State Congressman

Sexual harassment

Vice President, French National Assembly

Groping, Sexual Harassment

New York State Assemblyman

Sexual Harassment

US Congressman

Sexual assault of teenagers while serving as football coach