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Attempted rape of an infant

Football Player, Sports Analyst

Sexual Harassment

Professor of Molecular Biology

Sexual harassment

Illinois State Senator

Sexual Harassment

Basketball Player, Coach

Sexual Harassment

Playwright, Director, Actor

Rape, sexual harassment, groping

Texas State Senator

Sexual Harassment, Groping

Director, Actor

Child pornography

Florida State Senator

Groping, Sexual Harassment

Colorado State Senator

Sexual harassment

Journalist, Developer, Hacker

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment


Sexual Assault

Football Player

Rape, groping

Actor, Singer

Sexual contact with a minor

Adult actor, director

Rape, sexual abuse

Conductor, Pianist

Molesting a teenage boy

Director, screenwriter

Dozens of allegations of sexual harassment over decades


Drugging, recording sexual activity with underage boy


Sexual harassment


Child pornography, traveling to engage in sexual conduct with a minor

Rugby & American Football Player

Rape, sexual assault

Football Coach

Sexual assault


Sexual Harassment

Sports Analyst, Journalist

Sexual harassment


Sexual assault, sexual harassment, groping

TV Producer

Sexual harassment, groping

Kentucky State Representative

Sexual harassment

New York State Senator

Sexual Harassment

Oregon State Senator

Sexual Harassment, Groping

Chef, Writer, TV Host

Rape, Sexual Assault